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Spoon of ham and ananas

Spoon of ham and ananas

What to do? It was only a few days before leaving for two weeks. This means the fridge needs to be emptied and not refilled. It means that there’s not much choice of ingredients, that the stuff around it’s not the best looking but you have to manage (because 5 o’clock it’s just around the corner and you WANT to nibble nevertheless). So here it’s what I tried to do with what little I found in the fridge.


  • ham
  • ananas
  • chillies
  • mint
  • lime zest&juice
  • salt&pepper


  1. grill the slices of ham (in a more fortunate situation I would have chosen little chuncks of cooked ham) and cut them into small squares;
  2. mix them with the cubed ananas, the chopped chillies and mint leaves and the zest and the juice of a lime;
  3. season with salt&pepper and serve.

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