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Alpine bruschetta

Alpine bruschetta

For once can I go back to minitortillas? They offer the same support of bread, but less caloric (but only because they’re thinner). Anyway… it’s a very rapid and vegetarian (not vegan though) piece of nibble one can prepare in a matter of minutes. By the time the minitortillas are warmed up you’ve prepared the rest, so hop along and try it out 😉


  • minitortillas
  • tomatoes
  • flat leave parsley
  • chillies
  • grated cheese (not too aged)
  • olive oil
  • salt&pepper


  1. cut out the tortillas and warm them up in a pan with no oil;
  2. cut the tomatoes in small cubes (small!), add the chopped chillies and flat leave parsley;
  3. add the grated cheese and the olive oil and season and serve.

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