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Summer salad with shrimps

Summer salad with shrimps

At this moment all I can think of being able to eat is cold stuff. It’s so incredibly hot I can’t believe it. Not in terms of temperatures though, but I don’t know, the heat here is not the same as in Apulia. Here the heat weakens you… Anyway. Back to business. Back to the food. This recipe requires very little cooking 🙂 and I love it just because of that. You prepare all the ingredients and cook the shrimps tossing them in the veggies so that they stick to them.


  • shrimps
  • mango
  • cucumber
  • red onions
  • chillies
  • coriander
  • lime juice&zest
  • olive oil
  • salt&pepper


  1. cook the shrimps in a pan with a little bit of oil;
  2. cut the mango and the cucumber into slices and put them on the bottom of a small serving bowl;
  3. chop the other veggies and toss them to mix them well, season and add the lime juice&zest;
  4. toss the shrimps into the bowl with the chopped veggies;
  5. pour over the mango and the cucumber.

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