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Venison fillet with cream of mushrooms

Venison fillet with cream of mushrooms

The world is submerged in mist…. Stop. With. This. Pseudo. Poetic. Thing. The other day I was reading a book in which the author was suggesting (in a very ironic way), that if you want your food to look more restaurant like you’ll have to start using some specific stuff, such as roasted garlic, for example. Well, after roasting off an aubergine for another nibble the oven was still on and I thought “what the heck!” and I threw in the cloves of an entire garlic. The smell coming out of the oven was glourious. Once taken out of the oven I let it to cool and asked to myself. And now? I have a whole garlic roasted. What do I do with it? Started to look around in the fridge for stuff I could use with it and found (not that I have venison fillet in my fridge everyday ;-p) venison and mushrooms, and the idea of this spoon was born.


  • venison fillet
  • mixed mushrooms
  • roasted garlic
  • flat leave parsley
  • white wine
  • butter
  • salt&pepper


  1. chop the mushrooms very small and put in a bowl;
  2. cook the venison fillet, season and leave to rest;
  3. in the same pan add a nob of butter, add the mushrooms and season;
  4. when the mushrooms have softened add the roasted garlic and the white wine and let evaporate the wine;
  5. add another COLD nob of butter and mount the sauce and add the finely chopped flat leave parsley and serve on a spoon.

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