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Burehamme with quick pickled onions

Burehamme with quick pickled onions

It’s. Just. That. Simple. Really. There is nothing to it. Just a pure slab of ham, slowly cooked on the bone, cut into bitesize morcels and accompanied by quick pickled red onions and a few sprigs of fresh dill. Just right to dig in. And if you happen to have a few slices of dark bred, even better.


  • burehamme (ham cooked on the bone)
  • red onions
  • cider vinegar
  • water
  • white wine
  • star anis
  • mustard seeds
  • bayleaf
  • black pepper corns
  • salt


  1. peel and slice the onions;
  2. put them in a small pot, adding equal quantities of cider vinegar and white wine;
  3. season and add also all the spices and let it come to the boil and leave it to simmer for a short while;
  4. leave to cool and in the meantime cut the ham into bitesize morcels, season with a little bit of black pepper;
  5. serve with the onions and some fresh sprigs of dill on the side.

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