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King oyster crostini

King oyster crostini

It’s time for the hearty foods, stuff you can dig your teeth into. Right? I think so. And this nibble is so simple, and quick, it won’t take more than 10 minutes to fix it. So, see? No excuses. Go get the stuff and try it out, because it’s really worth it.


  • king oyster mushrooms
  • speck
  • cream
  • white wine
  • shallots
  • bread
  • salt&pepper
  • butter


  1. toast the bread and put it aside;
  2. put a nob of butter in a hot pan, let it melt and add the speck, let render it’s fat for a moment and then add the sliced mushrooms;
  3. add a little bit of salt&pepper, a splash of white wine and let it reduce for a moment;
  4. add the cream and wait for a little longer;
  5. when the sauce has thickened a little bit, take from the stove and serve on crostinis with shallotslices on top.

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