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Mango and blood orange jelly with vanilla greek yogurt

Mango and blood orange jelly with vanilla greek yogurt

It’s like detox time. That time after Christmas, when you’re all blown up from the stuff you were eating. Jeez blown up even from the smells. You just want to tone down a little bit. Have clean flavors. Not have to search long for the ingredients. This is detox. The amount of fat is ridiculous… Just a couple of teaspoons of greek yogurt on top. That’s it. No fats hiding anywhere else…


  • mango
  • blood orange juice
  • gelatine sheets
  • honey
  • greek yogurt
  • icing sugar
  • vanilla extract


  1. blizz the mango with the orange juice, add a little bit of honey and dissolve the soaked sheets of gelatine in the tiniest amount of hot water and add to the fruit mix;
  2. divide amongs bowls and put into the fridge to set;
  3. once ready, before serving mix some icing sugar into a greek yogurt and add a little bit of vanilla extract, pour on top and serve.

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