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Plaice rolls with blood orange and sake

Plaice rolls with blood orange and sake

It doesn’t always have to meat. I’m a meat lover. But every now and then it has to be fish, just to remember how it tastes like. This little recipe is prepared really quickly and can be served either on a spoon (maybe a smaller portion) or as a starter, along with a crisp salad. It’s up to you, but do try it, the sake goes very well with the blood orange juice.


  • plaice
  • sake
  • vegetable stock
  • blood orange
  • orange zest
  • spring onion (white and green)
  • sesame oil
  • salt&pepper


  1. divide the plaice fillets in 2, grate the zest off the blood orange and spread it on the fillets;
  2. add a little bit of salt and pepper;
  3. heat a little bit of sesame oil in a pan, add the white of the spring onion and as soon as it start to become translucent add the sake;
  4. let reduce and add the juice of the orange and a little bit of stock;
  5. add the rolled fillets (closed with a toothpick) and cook;
  6. serve with a little bit of spring onion green and a small blood orange wedge on the side.

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