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Aubergine and lamb crostini

Aubergine and lamb crostini

This is what happens if you get caught in doing too much apéros, you stick to apéros also for dinner 😉 The longest part of this recipe involves the cooking of the aubergine, that needs to be cooked in the oven (ranging from 20-40 minutes, depending on its size). After that it’ll all be downhill, rapidly cooking the lamb and mushing up the aubergine to a paste.


  • aubergine
  • lamb
  • tahini paste
  • flat leave parsley
  • lemon juice
  • salt&pepper
  • olive oil


  1. cook the aubergine in the oven until it is soft to the touch, peel it and chop it up in a bowl;
  2. add a spoon (add to taste, really) of tahini paste, some lemon juice and some chopped flat leave parsley season with salt&pepper and spread on some fresh slices of crusty bread;
  3. heat some olive oil in a pan and cook the piece of lamb, once cooked, let it rest for a couple of minutes and then slice, putting it on top of the slice of bread;
  4. add some maldon salt and serve.

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