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Millefeuilles with asparagus and bacon

Millefeuilles with asparagus and bacon

The asparagus season is finally coming! *chorus of cheers rising* I love asparagus, but, I must say, the white asparagus, although more refined, has less flavour than the green one. Nevertheless, this time I used white asparagus, just because I think the colours look better this way 😉


  • puff pastry
  • white asparagus
  • bacon
  • thyme
  • white wine
  • cream
  • salt&pepper


  1. cut the puff pastry into rectangles and cook it according to the packet, let it cool and cut in half;
  2. heat a pan and cook the strips of bacon, once cooked put them on some kitchen paper to dry out and absorb the excess fat;
  3. use tha fat left in the pan to cook the asparagi (cut into small pieces), add a splash of white wine, some thyme, salt&pepper and some cream once the wine has reduced a little;
  4. put a couple of spoonfuls in the puff pastry piece and serve.

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