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Popcorn with bacon and chilli

Popcorn with bacon and chilli

There are so little ingredients to this recipe. This is fun. Just a little bit of popcorn, but instead of preparing it with oil or in the microwave i cooked some strips of bacon first and used the fat that was left in the pan. So, look away if you’re a vegetarian 😉


  • corn
  • bacon
  • chilli
  • salt


  1. cook the strips of bacon in a pan until nice and crispy;
  2. take them out and leave on kitchen paper to absorb the fat and once cooled, chop to pieces;
  3. chop a chilli, add the corn to the pan and just before it starts to pop add in the chilli (it’ll burn if you put it in too soon);
  4. mix with the bacon, add a little bit of salt and enjoy.

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