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Chilli focaccia with onions and Asiago

Chilli focaccia with onions and Asiago

This focaccia was soooo good, I swear. I know I’ve been publishing a lot of focaccia recipes, but what can I say? They’re easy and quick to make, very versatile and go with about everything. So let’s have a look to this one, shall we?


  • blend of flours with wheat, spelt and rhye
  • blend of spices for pizza and pasta
  • yeast
  • sugar
  • salt
  • water
  • olive oil
  • onions
  • Asiago
  • blend of dry herbs
  • maldon salt


  1. prepare the focaccia dough by mixing 500g of flour with salt, sugar, yeast, the blend of spices and about 3dl of warm water, kneed the dough until it doesn’t stick anymore to your fingers and leave to rise;
  2. slice the onions and cube the cheese;
  3. flatten the dough with your fingers (it’s helpful to rub your hands with some oil) and sprinkle the cheese and the onions on top and flatten them in a little bit;
  4. sprinkle with some more olive oil, maldon salt and a selection of dried herbs and cook in the oven at 210 °C for about 20 minutes.

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