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Chilli pain pagnol with fresh lardo

Chilli pain pagnol with fresh lardo

Those 7 ingredients. It’s all it takes to make this wonderful little nasty nibble. Nasty because of the lardo, of course. It’s (alas) not something that we ought to eat every day. Unless you’re working your @# § off every day on a field or something… Nevertheless, we all are allowed some small treats every now and then. And this might as well be one of those times. It goes well with beer (remember? The world football championship is on, so beer is your beverage of choice), but it’s quite good with wine either 😉 bon appétit.


  • chilli bread mix (from your baker, possibly)
  • lardo
  • rosemary
  • maldon salt
  • valle maggia black pepper
  • water
  • salt
  • yeast
  • sugar


  1. prepare the bread dough by mixing the flour with water, yeast, salt and sugar;
  2. kneed well and let it to rise until doubled;
  3. form two long loaves and twist them;
  4. let them rise again for half an hour under a cloth;
  5. bake until golden brown;
  6. cut slices of it when it’s still war, add a slice of lardo, season with maldon salt, black peper and finely chopped fresh rosemary and serve.

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