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Is it a cherry pie?

Is it a cherry pie?

No need to go all but-you-can’t-do-this! And no-cheating-allowed. Sometimes it is good to have a roll of short crust pastry at home and use it, instead of turning on all the kitchen appliances. So, YES! I do cheat sometimes :-). This is my first… I know I know, it doesn’t really look like the real deal. But you don’t get that kind of pies on “this” side of the pond… so, it is my first attempt at a cherry pie. And obviously without going on the internet and checking ANY recipe (why spoil all the fun?). I figured that to mage the jelly inside I should use agar agar… maybe next time I’ll do some research. I shall say, though, the pie tasted fine nevertheless 😉


  • short crust dough
  • cherries
  • agar agar
  • icing sugar
  • water


  1. roll out the dough and cook it blind (following the instructions on the packet);
  2. deseed an humongous amount of cherries (I’m thinking about buying a more proficient deseeder) and put them in a pot with some water, icing sugar and agar agar;
  3. let it come to the boil and cook for a couple of minutes and leave in the fridge to cool down;
  4. serve the pie with some whipped cream (to which I added some lime zest)

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