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Buns with nuts and chocolate

Buns with nuts and chocolate

The children are back to school, and small between classes little nibbles are asked. But healthy ones. But tasty too. And not too big. And they have to be easily transportable. And on and on and on. Chocolate is not an item that usually pops out as a healthy choice of morning snack. But, what if it’s dark chocolate and it’s about 100g to a kilo of dough? I think it’s an acceptable compromise between good and healthy. So here it goes…

Ingredients (makes about 14 buns):

  • 1000g mixed flours (whole wheat, spelt, farmer’s)
  • yeast
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water
  • mixed nuts
  • dark chocolate


  1. chop down the chocolate and the nuts a little bit and put them aside;
  2. in a bowl mix all the flours, add yeast, salt and sugar and pour in the water (for 1000g of flour, about 6dl);
  3. mix until it doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore and leave, covered, in a warm place to rise;
  4. form the buns, cover them and leave them for another 35 minutes;
  5. bake in the oven until cooked and leave on a rack to cool.

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