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Smoked salmon on polenta

Smoked salmon on polenta

For this recipe, the most time you’ll have to invest in cooking the polenta so that it makes that crunchy crust. Really. Everything else is a matter of moments. Chop smoked salmon. Add dill mustard. Add crème fraîche. If you wanted you could also add fresh dill (which, incidentally, I didn’t have).


  • cold polenta
  • smoked salmon
  • dill mustard
  • crème fraîche
  • (fresh dill)


  1. take a ring and cut out small portions of polenta, which you’ll cook in a hot pan turning them every now and then to create a crunchy crust;
  2. put them on some kitchen paper and cover them as well, to absorb the excess fat;
  3. chop the smoked salmon and mix it with some crème fraîche and serve on top of the polenta (if you have it, decorate with a small sprig of fresh dill).

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