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Ghost pops

Ghost pops

It would have been too long if I also made the cake, so I cheated allright. And bought a ready made cake. At least it was fresh,… and already cooled down. I just hat to crumble it and add some cream cheese frosting (that one I DID myself) to create some cake balls, put them on a stick and fashion them to be ghoooooooostssss… Spooky.


  • lemon cake
  • cream cheese
  • butter
  • icing sugar
  • pear jam
  • white chocolate
  • fondant
  • edible marker


  1. prepare the cream cheese frosting and put aside, crumble the cake and mix the two until you get the right consistency, form some cake balls and put in the fridge to set;
  2. melt some chocolate and once the balls have set dip the sticks in the chocolate and them insert them into the cake balls and put back into the fridge;
  3. smear the cake pops with some pear jam, again, back to the fridge;
  4. roll out the fondant, cut out some 12cm disks and then draw the ghost’s face and put them on the cake pops and serve.

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