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Beef and shiitake

Beef and shiitake

I published a similar recipe some time ago, using shrimps. This time it’s beef and I loved the taste! The sherry was lovely used in combination with sesame oil and gave a special taste to the beef. Try it yourself and let me know 😉


  • beef
  • fresh shiitake
  • watercress sprouts
  • sesame oil
  • dry sherry
  • soy sauce


  1. slice the mushrooms and the beef;
  2. add a little bit of sesame oil in a hot pan, add the beef, and when the pores are closed add the mushrooms;
  3. add a splash of dry sherry, let the alcohol evaporate and add the soy sauce;
  4. finish cooking and serve on a plate with some watercress sprout on top.

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