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Strawberry tiramisù

Strawberry tiramisù

At the supermarket I’ve found a whole tray of strawberries and I just couldn’t say no. So, I bought them. I know. Not in season here right now. Although I heard someone saying the other day, that they were going to have a strawberry fair real soon. And that’s just like a couple of hours by car from here. But back to business. Strawberries. A lot of them. Some I’ve used to make a coulis, some I’ve chopped and added honey and lemon juice to them and then there was the bisquits and the cream. Simply yummy!


  • strawberries
  • lemon juice
  • vanilla extract
  • honey
  • mascarpone cheese
  • quark
  • cream
  • icing sugar


  1. prepare a coulis with some of the strawberries and a “salad” with some of the others and mix the latter with some honey and lemon juice;
  2. smash up the bisquits;
  3. beat the cream and mix it with some mascarpone cheese and some quark, adding a little bit of vanilla extract;
  4. now you can prepare the desert: add a layer of bisquits on the bottom of you dessert container ;-), then a layer of coulis, followed by a layer of strawberries and a layer of cream, repeat at least once, put in the fridge to set and serve.

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