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Grilled cheese crostini

Grilled cheese crostini

When it’s this hot you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. The little, the better. So that’s why the recipes are so quick right now. No desire to start the oven. The house is hot enough already. The maximum heat accepted ist from the toaster… so here you have it.


  • bread
  • cheese (like brie, or camembert)
  • chillies
  • capers
  • tomatoes


  1. slice the bread, chop the capers and the chillies together, slice the tomatoes and cut the cheese;
  2. stack the bread slices starting with the tomatoes, add the cheese and sprinkle the chilli and capers mix on top;
  3. cook in the toaster until the cheese starts to melt and serve.

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