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Shrimp burger

Shrimp burger

What to do when you bought some stuff to throw on the barbeque and it’s raining cats and dogs? I know, real pitmasters woulnd’t be bothered by some water… Anyways. I had these shrimps that had to be cooked and happened to have a little left over of the pizza dough I prepared the day before (one with a special chilli and herbs flavoured flour). So I formed some small patties with the dough and cooked them on the stovetop and stuffed them with the shrimps, way to go!


  • pizza dough
  • hamburger sauce (aka, in the US as 1000 islands)
  • salad leaves
  • marinated shrimps


  1. form the patties to fit the size of the shrimps and cook them in a non stick pan without any oil, turning them regularly and checking on them;
  2. cook the shrimps in a separate pan and leave to rest;
  3. assemble the hamburger: shrimp, sauce, leaves and keep the burgers closed with a skewer.

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