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Frozen yogurt and peach sorbet

Frozen yogurt and peach sorbet

Back from the holidays and the heat has followes us back here! That’s the right time for a fresh dessert. Frozen yogurt. A simple and quick recipe. And it doesn’t have to be peaches, you could also do it with berries, apricots… you name it! So… What are you waiting for? To the kitchen and let’s do some frozen yogurt 🙂


  • greek yogurt
  • cream
  • icing sugar
  • lemon juice
  • peaches


  1. mix the yogurt with some icing sugar and some lemon juice;
  2. add the whipped cream;
  3. put it in the gelatiera and start it;
  4. peel some peaches and cut them into chunks into the blender, add some lemon juice and some more icing sugar;
  5. once the yogurt is frozen put a first layer of yogurt in a container, add a layer of peaches and so on until you’ve finished the ingredients.

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