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Duck mousse

Duck mousse

That time of the year is coming again. Kitchens go in overload everywhere. Wonderful smells, colours, ideas are swirring around. My kitchen is no different. I know I’ve already published a recipe of duck mousse. And this one is very similar to that one. But maybe not? This might be the occasion for you to try out both and give me feedback to which one you’ve liked the most 😉


  • duckbreast
  • garlic
  • rosemary
  • cream
  • orange peel
  • salt&pepper
  • cointreau
  • cream
  • gelatine sheets
  • butter


  1. slowly cook the duckbreast skin side down with garlic and rosemary, basting it frequently with the rendered fat, once cooked take away the skin and chop it;
  2. put some gelatine sheets in cold water to soften them;
  3. peel an orange and put it in a bowl with some cointreau;
  4. process the breast with some cream, salt&pepper;
  5. take some of the mousse and over the stove use it to melt the gelatine, mix all together, adding the chopped skin and some chopped orange peel at the end;
  6. butter some silicone molds, put a little sprig of rosemary and a tiny piece of orange peel on the bottom, cover with the mousse, give it a couple of nice taps and put in the fridge to set;
  7. serve with toasted bread.

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