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Wild garlic and lardo focaccia

Wild garlic and lardo focaccia

Finally! This weekend was warm enough to roll out the smoker and smoke some spareribs. I know. You could argue that there is no such time as no smoker-time. Still, it’s not fun to smoke when it’s freezing cold and it rains on your head. So. I prepared this focaccia to go with the spareribs and some coleslaw and rucola salad.


  • flour
  • chili bread flour mix
  • yeast
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water
  • alp cheese
  • wild garlic
  • lardo
  • olive oil


  1. prepare the dough adding the grated alp cheese and the chopped wild garlic and leave the dough to rise;
  2. flatten out the dough with your fingers, sprinkle some olive oil and add some slices of lardo on top;
  3. bake and serve, still warm it’s the best!

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