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Sandwich cake

Sandwich cake

No home oves were harmed in the production of this cake, so NOBAKECAKE it is! The inside consists of toast bread and two kinds of mousse, a cooked ham and a smoked salmon mousse. Then some veggies and cold cuts for decoration et voilà… the cake is ready.


  • toast bread
  • cooked ham
  • smoked salmon
  • mascarpone
  • cream cheese
  • crème fraîche
  • whipped cream
  • horseradish mousse
  • mayonnaise
  • chives
  • red radish
  • cherry tomatoes
  • onion sprouts
  • cheese
  • paprika
  • salt&pepper
  • walnut
  • bresaola
  • salami
  • prosciutto
  • eggs
  • mini cucumber


  1. first you prepare the two mousse that go inside the sandwich cake; blizz the ham with some cream cheese and crème fraîche, add a little salt&pepper, and blizz the salmon with mascarpone, cream cheese, crème fraîche;
  2. dispose the toast bread slices (without crust) on the board and spread the one mousse, cover and spread the next until you’ve used up the mousses;
  3. put in the fridge for 15 minutes to chill and firm up;
  4. prepare the mousse to cover the cake: whipped cream, horseradish mousse and crème fraîche, make two coats and chill for 15 minutes in between;
  5. and no go wild with the decoration, once done, chill until you serve it.

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