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Melted witch brownies

Melted witch brownies

There’s nothing wrong in a little cheating if you only have a couple of hours and 3 (!!!) not so little helpers anymore to assist you in the project. So, yes! I used a ready brownie mix for the base of my dessert, so?

Melted witch brownies

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Serves: 6 Cooking Time: 20-22 min.


  • brownie mix
  • egg
  • water
  • butter
  • chocolate (white and dark)
  • food coloring
  • oreos
  • gummies
  • candy bones



prepare the brownie according to the instructions and leave to cool;


melt the dark chocolate and dip the gummies (these will form the top of the witch's hat)


melt the white chocolate and color most of it green and a little bit orange;


pour the green chocolate in "pools" on the brownie to form the melted witch;


put the oreo on top, dab a little bit of orange chocolate and put the gummy on top;


decorate with some candy bones and serve.

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