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Flat filled focaccia with ham and wild garlic

Flat filled focaccia with ham and wild garlic

It’s true! I’m a wild garlic addict. And since it’s in season only very briefly I tend to put it everywhere. In soups, in focaccia, as a pesto, savoury muffins would also be great, or a soufflé… you name it. Not that I’ve come around to do all of the above, but there is a little time left, so there’s still hope.   For now I’d like to show the flat filled focaccia. Just a little note (so that you won’t end up like I did), remember, once you rolled out the dough, TRANSFER on to a piece of baking paper and start to put on the ingredients after (and not before). I couldn’t believe I did the same mistake twice and forgot it… transfer it afterwards, with everything inside hasn’t been a piece of cake…


  • pizza dough
  • ham
  • camembert
  • wild garlic
  • salt&pepper


  1. roll out the pizza dough and transferit on a piece of baking paper (and maybe also already on the tin);
  2. put on some slices of ham, then add some thinly sliced camembert;
  3. add the coarsly chopped wild garlic and season to taste;
  4. bake in the preheated oven at 200 °C until ready (about 15 min).

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